<aside> 💡 what3words is automatically enabled in Anchanto OMS. To get started with Anchanto, you can contact them here.


Anchanto can now capture and display a what3words address from Shopify orders in the OMS. This means sellers will have access to more detailed address information for each order, improving the accuracy and speed of order fulfilment. The syncing of what3words information between OMS and WMS3 will also be displayed in the address fields on the respective OMS panels, ensuring that the syncing within platforms.

<aside> ⚠️ To use what3words, you’ll first need to add a what3words field to your checkout page or CRM. To do so you can use one of our existing plugins or the what3words API. You can take a look at these options and find out more information here.


How to use what3words in Anchanto OMS

To access, edit or view this enhanced field information for Shopify follow these steps:

  1. Login > Order Module
  2. Select connected Shopify channel


  1. View order details

  2. Under Customer Details  > Address fields

  3. what3words attribute is visible

  4. This is also editable from the same tab


More information on the functionality


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