<aside> 💡 what3words is automatically available for new PredictiveAddress customers. If you are existing PredictiveAddress customer and would like to enable what3words, please email [email protected]


Data8 have integrated what3words within their PredictiveAddress address autocomplete solution. Users can start by entering a 3 word address, at which point PredictiveAddress will supply a list of street addresses nearest to that location.

This allows users to specify a 3 word address alongside a street address in any online form or checkout page easily and quickly.

N.B. what3words is currently available in the UK only.

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PredictiveAddress is available as an API that is easy to install into any address form, as well as a range of easy-to-install plugins for specific softwares:

PredictiveAddress API

  1. Register for an account with Data8 here and create an API key.
  2. Add PredictiveAddress into an address field using the pre-built JS Component (recommended) or use the individual PredictiveAddress API methods (advanced).
  3. Once you have installed PredictiveAddress, you will need to sign up for the free trial or purchase credits from Data8 to start making requests. Pricing can be found here.

CRM Platform Integrations

E-Commerce/Web Form Integrations