<aside> 💡 what3words is automatically enabled for you as an Optrak client. To get started with Optrak, you can contact them here.


Optrak, a UK based vehicle routing software, offers what3words as part of their functionality for their customers.

what3words addresses can be input in two formats within the software.

1. Optrak application

what3words addresses can be input within the application to locate customer sites with a greater degree of accuracy than postcodes alone.

In this instance, a postcode is entered to showcase the location pointer dropping where the building is presumed to be:

image (9).png

And here is the same site using what3words which sees the location pointer move to the other end of building, which is the accurate entrance:

image (10).png

This is particularly useful for customers who may have delivery or service entrances they want to use instead of the main office to which the postal address leads to.

2. Manual upload through Excel CSV

Alternatively what3words can be included in the interface files such as the csv below, in which case it will be looked up automatically as part of the import.

image (11).png