<aside> 💡 what3words is automatically enabled for you as a TOMS client. To get started with Tejas Software, you can contact them here.


TOMS is an effective and integral application in the e-commerce system to manage orders and warehouse fulfilments. The what3words integration helps customers or clients locate the homes and businesses addresses more easily.

Below are the details on how to use what3words features in these applications/systems at 3 different stages.

1. During Manual Order Creation:

To create manual order, navigate to the menu option ‘Orders > Sales Orders > Create New’. Along with order details provided, the user can also enter the what3words information of the shipping address.


2. Sales Order Import

When the sales order is imported from external systems like Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Shopify, TOMS can receive the what3words information along with shipping address of the order imported in the same dedicated “what3words” field.

3. Exporting to other systems

Based on the availability of inventory, the orders get allocated, and the shipping orders will carry the what3words information. These shipping orders will be synced to Tejas Warehouse Management System (TWMS) to handle the what3words information.

TOMS can also pass the what3words information during shipping label generation either internally in the systems or with any other external systems that can print labels.

Editing the existing order to update what3words information in Shipping Address