<aside> 💡 what3words is automatically enabled for banbutsu clients. Simply download the what3words plugin from the Shopify app store to get started. For more information on the integration, you can contact banbutsu here.


With the banbutsu Courier Shopify App, you can connect both your online and stationary store easily with a local logistics company. You can then offer same-day-delivery to your customers.

what3words Integration Setup Guide

  1. To use what3words in your Shopify online shop, please download the what3words plugin for Shopify here. For further instructions, please see the developer guide here.

  2. Once you have added a what3words field to your checkout page via the Shopify plugin, your customers will be able to enter their what3words address. banbutsu Courier passes on the what3words address to the respective carrier, so the driver knows exactly where to find the customer.

🗣️ Announce the Integration

Once you have enabled the what3words integration, use the imagery and copy on our Communications Hub to announce the partnership and educate your customers on the benefits of using what3words.

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 15.33.10.png

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