<aside> 💡 To use what3words with EVRI, please let your EVRI Account Manager know and follow the guide below.


EVRI now accepts your end customers’ what3words addresses for accurate deliveries.

If you are an EVRI client or technology partner who has an EVRI EDI integration, you can offer your end customers the ability to provide their what3words address, which is shared in the pre-advice file. See more about how to integrate and use via EDI below.

<aside> ⚠️ To collect what3words addresses from your customers, you’ll first need to add a what3words address field to your checkout page or CRM. To do so you can use one of our existing plugins or the what3words API. You can take a look at these options and find out more information here.


Using what3words via EVRI’s EDI ****

Using EVRI via an Order or Carrier Management Software ****

what3words is also enabled through a variety of Order Management and Carrier Management Softwares. Please reach out to your respective account manager if you want to know more. You can see a list of technology partners here and request a software integration here if it’s not already listed.

Using EVRI via another integration method?

Let your EVRI account manager know you’d like to use what3words and submit a change request. You can also fill in a ‘request a carrier integration’ form here

Collecting what3words addresses from end-customers - integration setup guide